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Essential Tips When Choosing Top Restaurants

Hertfordshire can be divided into two sections; the west and the south are filled with country pubs that will offer you luscious local delicacies and the east and north which is filled with modern restaurants that is reflected on the cosmopolitan feel of the city.  The place is situated near London, and some of the restaurants that you will find in the capital city have established an outlet in this city.  Here are some of the important tips that you need to remember when choosing the top restaurants.

Hertfordshire Restaurants Guide

For those who consider themselves as dedicated food-lover, choosing a quality restaurant while they are travelling is indeed a must.  You may want to try some of the Michelin-starred high-end places, or you probably want to go to the local restaurants and discover some hidden gems.

Research for the Top Restaurants

Hertfordshire food lovers can indeed find a good restaurant by wandering in the street, but personally I recommend you to create a research, so you will know where to start your food hunt.  Lonely Planet is a great place to find the best restaurants.   However, the huge amount of restaurant listed on their website may be overwhelming.  Choose a site that will list their 50 top restaurants Hertfordshire is a well-blend of upscale and local restaurants; this will help you narrow your choices.

Ask the Locals

The knowledge of the locals on the best restaurants in town is still unparalleled no matter how much research you make.  This is a great chance for you to find a hidden gem in the city.  For instance, when I visited Hertfordshire late last year, I had the opportunity to experience the finest set of sumptuous dishes offered at Galvin at Centurion.  That is all thanks to a local friend who referred the restaurant.  Also, do not forget to ask the local about their personal recommendation.  Finally, you may also want to join a food tour at the tops restaurants.  Hertfordshire offers the travellers and the locals alike to experience some of the finest offering of the best restaurants in town through a Food and Drink Guided Tour.

Use the Power of the Social Media

People like to share everything on social media nowadays; it is not that uncommon that I see a friend of mine sharing a dinner on his favourite restaurant.  When looking at Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or twitter, your search for the best restaurant will be more convenient if you use a ‘hash tag’ or Keyword.  You may use

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