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February 27 2017


A Guide To Berkshire, England’s Country Town Of Reading Restaurants

The quaint little country town of Reading is located in Berkshire, England and has played a pivotal role in England’s transportation, brewing, baking and seed commercial businesses. The Great Western Railway was bestowed on Reading in the eighteen thirties which link London with the Midlands or South- West and West England and most of Wales.


Reading is ranked number one in economic success in England to include the well-being of its people along with having the largest population in the UK for a non-city status town. Reading is a huge retail centre serving the Themes valley along with several IT company headquarter such as Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco and Reading restaurants deliver each corner of the world’s cuisine.


There are hundreds of international Reading restaurants throughout the Themes Valley that will give you a different vibe and flair. There are several traditional English pubs, Lebanese, Indian, French and American to name just a few worldly cuisine offerings to be had.


Reading Restaurants




L’ortolan is a classic French style restaurant that is elegant but relaxed for exquisite dining experiences. Their menu includes modern French dishes such as venison, goose liver, sea bream and several French and English cheeses and wines.


Cerise Restaurant


Cerise is in the Forbury Roseate Hotel and is one of the best Reading restaurants that offer traditional English cuisine. They offer breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner every day and have classics such as compote, English style breakfasts, ox cheeks, pork belly and several English cheeses.


Coconut Bar & Kitchen


The Coconut Bar and Kitchen is considered Asian fusion cuisine, which combines Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai and Japanese flavours to their dishes.  Their menu includes wok rice dishes, curry infused cuisine, and fried noodle plates.


The Bakery House


The Bakery House is one of the best Reading restaurants offering Middle Eastern food. Their menu includes traditional Middle Eastern cuisine such as fried chicken liver, Armenian spiced lamb sausage, prawn and Mediterranean cheeses. 

The Bell Inn Aldworth


The Bell Inn is a traditional English style pub and offers classic English pub food and drinks. You can order Irish whiskey to go with your ploughman or a port to wash down your jumbo sausage with onions. It is a quaint little place to have a great lunch or meet up with your mates for a good time.


These are just a few samples of the wonderful Reading restaurants throughout the Themes Valley. Reading is a great place to experience life in the UK and devour world class cuisine.


The World Class Mayfair Restaurants That You Should Visit

The Mayfair restaurants are world class dinning and outing places where people can have a unique and noble experience. These restaurants are known to have several storeys that contain various services to the people who enter in. Many of them contain duplicate features of the Viceroy’s house of India which is known to be the most beautiful restaurant in India. Enriched with colonial flourishes, mesmerising interior patterns, vibrant colours and compelling lighting patterns, these restaurants are a source of amusement to anyone who checks in. The unique wall coverings and marble tiled floors make the restaurants to be spellbinding and comforting.


Private Dining Rooms 

Mayfair Restaurants are ideal for those who want to hold birthday parties, family gathering parties of business meetings because they contain spacious dining rooms that can hold up to 32 people. These are mirror embellished private rooms that are pimped with neon lights. The tables and chairs are made of shinning high-quality materials which would make your event to be a classic one. Most of the private dining rooms are separate from the common dining area which means you would have complete solitude and tranquillity as you hold your event. Every private dining room comes with its own wine vitrine and beautifully garden making it to be charming and extraordinary.


Delicious Foods and Wines


There is no limitation when it comes to what you should eat in the Mayfair Restaurants because a lot of foods and drinks are available. Meals are prepared from delicious traditional ingredients by professional cooks who have mastered the art of cooking. An array of desserts is also included in the meals to add into the deliciousness of the food. Perfectly curated wines and beers are also served giving you a complete feeling of satisfaction as sip ounce after ounce of the drinks. Handcrafted beers and modern beers are available as well as traditional and modern wines.


Prestigious Location


Mayfair restaurants are just minutes away from five star luxurious hotels where you can easily get accommodation. All the hotels are upscale and modern with fancy utilities and room services. The internal environment of the restaurants is well kempt with prestigious gardens that are enriched with blossoming plants. If you want private lounges where you can drink and hold parties as well as dance to music uninterruptedly, there are plenty of them that can hold up to 32 people. Every lounge is well pimped with neon lights and noise cancellation walls. 


These restaurants offer the best food and drinks’ deals where you can enjoy the perfect and delicious meals with without spending a lot of money. There are also special foods for diabetic or people with certain food allergies offered to ensure that people enjoy without any problem.


Enjoy The Food At The Michelin Star Restaurants For Only A Fraction Of The Average Cost

For years, the Michelin Guide was considered as the golden standard in the field of restaurants.  Though their star-rating system remains mysterious to all, it became our ultimate guide in choosing where to eat.   For those who are travelling, choosing the finest restaurant is an important factor.  However, the cost that comes with it can easily add up.  Fortunately, there are lots of ways on how to make your dining experience memorable and affordable even if you dine in the Michelin star restaurants.


Tips to Have an Affordable and Enjoyable Experience at Michelin Star Restaurants


Remember that you should always book in advance when dining in the Michelin star restaurants.  Here is our tried–and-tested guide that will help you save money while enjoying some of the best dishes. 

Family Style Dining Experience


The purchasing power of the group that is reflected on coupon sites can also be applied on the Michelin Star restaurants.  Some restaurants provide a family-style option which will only amount at about $25-$40 each person.  This will regularly include 4 sides and a protein.    When compared to a regular entrée a protein can cost at about $36-$40 combines with the 4 sides which will amount to $32.


Choose a Lesser Star

 A 2-star or 3-star does not necessarily mean that they can no longer offer an outstanding dining experience.  One-star gives the best value, and they are offering more than just a single menu.  For instance, some Michelin Star restaurants will offer a lamb burger and serve them with cook chips and will only cost at approximately $25.  You may also share the appetizer, and you will not even reach the $40 mark.



BYOB Restaurants 

For those who love the idea of pairing their menu with their favourite wine but they do not like the fees and charges that comes with it, you may choose the BYOB Michelin star restaurants.  There are BYOB restaurants that are sending their loyal patrons in advance of their dinner with wine recommendations for their course.  You will be able to save at around $65-$200 that you will need to spend on the traditional pairings.


Location Matters


Hotel and restaurants have a lot of things in common.  One particular similarity that you may not be aware of is that their charges can vary depending on the location.  A restaurant charge will greatly increase if they are situated in an expensive city in London, and they can be a lot lower when you are in Hertfordshire.  You should also try looking for a dining experience in a more relaxed environment.


Choose Galvin Restaurants


In case your priority is having a satisfying dining experience but still keeping the cost low, then Galvin restaurant is ideal for you.  The Michelin star restaurants are indeed local’s favourite and worthy place that you should visit.


Consider the tips above when dining in the Michelin star restaurants.  This will allow you to enjoy the sumptuous taste of their dishes in a cost that will not break your bank.


Top Six Restaurants Greenwich London

Greenwich, London is world renowned for its longstanding maritime history and is located south-east of London city centre. It is rich in royal history as well where the Queens House Greenwich just saw a new grand opening and the Royal Observatory that stands upon the Greenwich Meridian Line is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Greenwich is a thriving city full of great things to do from sightseeing tours, art exhibits, national museums and many delicious restaurants Greenwich offers that allow for cuisine that touches each corner of the world. They have restaurants that cater to the traditional afternoon teas, American, African and British cuisine to name just a few.

If you desire adventure visit The O2 which is an internationally known music and entertainment venue  with a world class arena, over twenty-six restaurants and numerous exhibitions and attractions. Greenwich is a foodie’s paradise full of the best cuisine offerings in the world.

Restaurants Greenwich

1. Chapters

Chapters in Blackheath village offer a casual dining vibe of continental cuisine at extremely affordable prices. Visit Chapters for classics like grain fed chicken, beef dishes, classic pasta dishes, mouth-watering seafood, and cocktails.2. The North Pole Bar and Restaurant

The North Pole is a great way to spend a fun-filled evening out with friends. It offers a bar for a quick cocktail before heading upstairs for a dining experience of a lifetime. After you finish dining on top of the line steaks, swordfish and risotto head on down to the club for some DJ spinning tunes and dance the night away.

3. Mogul

Mogul is a unique three-story North Indian themed restaurant Greenwich that offers a bar overlooking Greenwich, a cosy expanse of dining alcoves and rich and flavourful Indian cuisine. If you desire informal dining with traditional Indian food, then Mogul is the restaurant for you.

4. The Green Pea

Tom, the owner, will prepare home-style Irish/English cuisine that will amaze you. The Green Pea offers a family centred atmosphere for a great evening dining experience and during the day you can enjoy the coffeehouse offerings.

5. Zaibatsu

Zaibatsu Japanese fusion restaurant offers great prices, excellent sushi, and authentic Japanese cuisine. If you desire to bring Japan to your dinner table make sure to bring cash because Jaibatsu does not except credit cards.

6. Frankie & Benny’s

If you want to get back to the roots of American dining of the nineteen fifties, Frankie & Benny’s at the O2 will give you classic American and Italian style cuisine in a diner-type setting. Choose from stateside burgers, sundaes, and pizzas that will give you true American feel.

These are a mere few of the best restaurants Greenwich, London offers. There are many different international cuisine experiences to be had in the hundreds of restaurants Greenwich has.


Essential Tips When Choosing Top Restaurants

Hertfordshire can be divided into two sections; the west and the south are filled with country pubs that will offer you luscious local delicacies and the east and north which is filled with modern restaurants that is reflected on the cosmopolitan feel of the city.  The place is situated near London, and some of the restaurants that you will find in the capital city have established an outlet in this city.  Here are some of the important tips that you need to remember when choosing the top restaurants.

Hertfordshire Restaurants Guide

For those who consider themselves as dedicated food-lover, choosing a quality restaurant while they are travelling is indeed a must.  You may want to try some of the Michelin-starred high-end places, or you probably want to go to the local restaurants and discover some hidden gems.

Research for the Top Restaurants

Hertfordshire food lovers can indeed find a good restaurant by wandering in the street, but personally I recommend you to create a research, so you will know where to start your food hunt.  Lonely Planet is a great place to find the best restaurants.   However, the huge amount of restaurant listed on their website may be overwhelming.  Choose a site that will list their 50 top restaurants Hertfordshire is a well-blend of upscale and local restaurants; this will help you narrow your choices.

Ask the Locals

The knowledge of the locals on the best restaurants in town is still unparalleled no matter how much research you make.  This is a great chance for you to find a hidden gem in the city.  For instance, when I visited Hertfordshire late last year, I had the opportunity to experience the finest set of sumptuous dishes offered at Galvin at Centurion.  That is all thanks to a local friend who referred the restaurant.  Also, do not forget to ask the local about their personal recommendation.  Finally, you may also want to join a food tour at the tops restaurants.  Hertfordshire offers the travellers and the locals alike to experience some of the finest offering of the best restaurants in town through a Food and Drink Guided Tour.

Use the Power of the Social Media

People like to share everything on social media nowadays; it is not that uncommon that I see a friend of mine sharing a dinner on his favourite restaurant.  When looking at Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or twitter, your search for the best restaurant will be more convenient if you use a ‘hash tag’ or Keyword.  You may use

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